(10/25/16): Miami vs Virginia Tech Game Recap

October 25, 2016

​Kelvin Harris and Ryan McNeil recap the Canes' Fall Break loss to Virginia Tech. The two look at the offense and defense while remaining optimistic about the upcoming trip to Notre Dame.


(10/19/16): Miami vs Virginia Tech Game Preview

October 19, 2016

Before the Canes enjoy Fall Break, they have unfinished business in Blacksburg to take care of. After dropping two home games in a row to Florida State and UNC, Miami faces a must-win road test to stay alive in the Coastal. Kelvin Harris and Jerry Steinberg look at the keys to victory and analyze all three phases of the game.


(10/14/16): Miami vs UNC Game Preview

October 14, 2016

Kelvin Harris previews Miami's match up against UNC. This game is critical for the Canes if they want to keep their ACC Championship dreams alive. Kelvin looks at both teams' keys to the game, along with Miami's injuries.


(10/13/16): Greg Mark, Former Miami All-American Defensive End (Part 2)

October 13, 2016

Kelvin Harris concludes his "History of the U" interview with defensive legend Greg Mark. The All-American and UM Sports Hall of Famer delves into his time as a coach for the Hurricanes during their quest for the 2001 title. The program overcame probation and a lot of adversity to have one of the all-time great seasons in college football history.


(10/12/16): Greg Mark, Former Miami All-American Defensive End (Part 1)

October 12, 2016

Kelvin Harris continues his "History of the U" series with Greg Mark. Mark was a First Team All-American defensive end and won rings with Harris in 1987 and 1989; he also won a ring as a defensive line coach in 2001. The two covered a lot of ground on the podcast, given Mark's 30 years of playing, coaching, and watching the Canes. ​


(10/10/16): Miami vs Florida State Game Recap

October 10, 2016

Kelvin Harris, Ryan McNeil, and Chloe Harrison are recovering from a painful, 20-19 loss to Florida State. They analyze all three phases of the game and delve into what went wrong Saturday night. Now that the Canes are a one-loss team, the trio looks ahead to see how Miami will recover from another rivalry loss and remain in contention for the ACC Championship.


(10/7/16): Miami vs Florida State Game Preview

October 7, 2016

Kelvin Harris, Ryan McNeil, and Jerry Steinberg preview the most anticipated game of the season: Miami versus Florida State. The undefeated Canes are ranked higher than the Noles, and are looking to win for the first time since 2010. The trio give an update on how Hurricane Matthew could affect the game, and break down the three phases of the teams.


(10/6/16): Kelvin Harris vs Travis Johnson, Former Florida State Defensive Lineman

October 6, 2016

Former Hurricane Kelvin Harris and former Seminole Travis Johnson join host Aaron Morse to preview the big matchup in Miami Gardens Saturday between the 23rd ranked Seminoles and the 10th ranked Hurricanes. Kelvin gives everyone an update on the weather situation in south Florida and then the two former players start going at it, comparing their teams and schools on and off the field. Whether it's the ratio of women to men at their respective schools or the problems with Florida State's defense, nothing is off limits when these two get on the line. Kelvin and Travis also reflect on the history and importance of the rivalry and break down why it's so crucial for both teams to be great. Kelvin also goes after millennials for not understanding the work it took to build the tradition at both programs. Florida State has a six-game winning streak in the series but Miami is undefeated while FSU has already dropped two games this year. So who wins Saturday and why? Find out on this episode of Huddle 2 Huddle!


(10/5/16): Leon Searcy, Former Miami Offensive Lineman

October 5, 2016

Kelvin Harris starts his nostalgic "History of the U" series with UM Sports Hall of Famer Leon Searcy. The two reminisce about Hurricane Mom, their match-ups against Florida State, and the time Bennie Blades knocked his brother out. The two also analyze the current roster before looking back on their days as Pro Canes. 


(10/3/16): Miami vs Georgia Tech Game Recap

October 3, 2016

Kelvin Harris, Ryan McNeil, and Chloe Harrison discuss the 35-21 win over Georgia Tech in Mark Richt's victorious return to Bobby Dodd Stadium. The trio also excitedly look forward to the much-anticipated home game versus arch nemesis Florida State. Also, listen for a chance to win a ticket to the player's suite for the game against UNC.